More Restorations

Ginnie's wig was torn up by shoppers carelessly ripping at her wig, trying to find her I.D. marks. When I first got the wig, it was filthy, and I could not tell the front from the back. This is her wig before and after, and all dolled up, below!

Raggedy Ann's rehab was mostly cleaning. She also got more hair and a new ensemble.

Polish peg wooden nurse doll. I restore any doll that appeals to me, even if her current value is minimal.
Lenci Mascotte had a facial. No fluids were used.

This mama doll had her old latex and foam
arm decomposing on her face. I don't know if she was relieved, but I felt a lot better!
I don't think these arms are Grumpy's original arms, but that is how I bought him. I designed and assemble his new hands and a new crier. All reversible.

Lenci felt boy - moth damage repairs, cleaning, & new costume. Months of intermittent work.
Miss Debutante needed a spa visit.
Tickletoes rescued from the dumpster! His "flirty" eyes make me laugh every time I look at him. He also has a new crier. All my baby dolls get new criers, if they have one that isn't working.

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