Knickerbocker Beloved Belindy (White Chocolate?)

Here is the only white Knickerbocker Beloved Belindy rag doll that I have ever seen.  She needed cleaning, mending and rehab, and her photos are shown below.

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  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Stephanie, Thank again for your care to our Beloved Belindy. Our small daughter (Belindy's mommy) was very distraught when Belindy's leg tore. You saved the day! Thank you not just for the tender loving care in repairing and cleaning up Belindy but for your offer of a loaner friend to keep our daughter company until Belindy could come back home. Your talent and your attention to detail is exceptional. With much appreciation, Pattee (Belindy's grandmother). P.S. Belindy's white chocolateness is a mystery to us as well.