Poor Steiff Bambi

The owner wanted her beloved toy repaired.  No other replacement Steiff Bambi would do.

I agreed to repair her little 9-inch fawn.

1)  This is dog damage to a 1950's Steiff Bambi, made of velveteen and stuffed with excelsior.

2) Second view of damage.  Pets love the scent of the organic stuffing; store these toys carefully!

3) Re-assembly of the pieces, and darning them in place.

4) Identical vintage fabric being pinned in place to cover damage.  The fabric is then hand sewn in place in the same method as appliqué.  Stitches are hidden.

5) Finished results, right side of toy.

6) Finished, left side of toy.

7) View of the back; ready to go home!

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