Minnie Gets a Makeover

Minnie was brought in by a woman in her late 20's, quite distressed over the condition of her lifelong best friend. Minnie was clean, but in serious tatters. I was never told what happened to her, but it looked like the results of a commercial washing machine. Minnie's owner wanted her restored as much as possible, but wisely decided to keep all Minnie's original clothes, even if they were quite faded. Both hands needed attention, and her bloomers were coming apart. Minnie's ears were floppy, and there were many areas where stitching had given way. Her bow had seen better days. The thread in her dress had disintegrated, so it was now in pieces. Minnie's eyes had paint loss and scratches, and her felt eyelashes were torn and partly missing. The photos below are paired up so that you can see the "before" image and the "after" result:
Minnie when I first met her.

Having trouble seeing the eyechart...

Left palm, before...
...and after.
Upper surface of left hand, before...
...and after.

Not the best undies to go to the doctor....
...but now they're presentable.

Minnie ready to go home (or shopping)!

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