Joan Walsh Anglund Doll

This is a 14-inch Joan Walsh Anglund doll from 1962.  She has a large, heavy head, and was very firmly stuffed.  Her body fabric was too fragile to withstand traditional mending, and the stuffing was beginning to push its way out.  Her new face and portions of her body were made separately out of new dyed to match fabric, without disrupting the originals.  After fabrication, these pieces were appliqued on top of the originals.  The rotting ends of her legs were clipped off, basted shut, shoes saved, new legs applied over the remaining originals, and sewn in place.  The original shoes were then applied to the new lower legs, made of vintage linen hankies.  Of course, her clothes were also removed, cleaned, and mended. 

Here she is, looking very much like her original self.

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